The Kage (Cellworld) calendar consists of 12 months of 30 days each. At the end of the year there is another 10 day period where the moons are all dark for 5 days and then full for 5 days. In total the average Kage year is 370 days long. Every 20 years there is one extra day in the year between Summer (High Sun) and Fall/Autumn (Merrymonth) known as The God's or Saradanthule's Day. God's Day is an especially religious day for the followers of Saradanthule and on every 20th God's Day (400 years) an especially significant mortal is chosen to ascend and become a minor deity in their own right.

Days of the Week

A week on Kage is 6 days long. A rest/venerations day (originally Saraday), followed by 5 days of work,
which are named after the 5 sacred elements.

  1. Restday / Saraday
  2. Airday
  3. Earthday
  4. Fireday
  5. Ironday
  6. Waterday


Moon Cycles

  • Moon Mother (Lunaelar): Large silver moon - cycle every 30 days. The months are based on her cycles.
  • Night Shield (Galantar): Small yellow moon - cycle every 40 days.
  • Hearth Glow (Aelishar): Tiny orange moon - cycle every 60 days.
  • Corrupter (Lyothar): Small dark moon with orange and red ‘cracks’ on surface. Usually hidden from view, but appears 0-3 (1d4-1) times a month in the sky. Lycanthropes are affected by the appearance of The Corrupter in the sky, NOT the other three moons. So no one is sure (even the lycanthropes themselves) what nights the were-folk are going to savage the lands.


Some day I may have a better looking calendar on the actual site, but for now I am attaching my old word doc. Below is the Kage Calendar, widely used across the world. I am also attaching the Nyaatan one.

Essentially they are the same except for how they divide the year up.

Chaddy has mentioned doing the calendar as a database or some such so I am putting what I have up.