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Deleted forum discussions should go here.
117by ConnorsConnors
23 Jun 2011 13:26Jump!
A list of updates to the Kage Campaign Setting.
317by ConnorsConnors
04 May 2011 04:36Jump!
311by Aido72Aido72
15 Dec 2010 12:35Jump!
Setting Forums
Post here regarding ideas and Q's for the Kage setting.
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13by ConnorsConnors
15 May 2011 08:45Jump!
12by ConnorsConnors
15 May 2011 08:48Jump!
830by ConnorsConnors
24 Jul 2015 02:40Jump!
12by ConnorsConnors
02 Jan 2012 00:50Jump!
627by VampreyVamprey
17 Jul 2015 13:08Jump!
415by ConnorsConnors
10 Jul 2015 11:07Jump!
Kage setting discussion not covered by specific forums above.
771by blairosblairos
21 Sep 2015 06:43Jump!
Scaptia Campaign Forums
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Post Q's and discussion regarding this specific campaign here. Not for setting Q's and discussion.
218by ConnorsConnors
26 May 2011 03:45Jump!
12by ConnorsConnors
02 Dec 2010 22:29Jump!
19by ConnorsConnors
02 Dec 2010 22:20Jump!
Marked Ones Campaigns Forum
A forum for the the various M1s campaigns I have run.
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This thread is for Q's and discussion on the campaigns. Setting stuff goes above in Kage Forums.
16140by VampreyVamprey
11 Nov 2014 11:12Jump!
Wemic Barbarian
224by ConnorsConnors
20 Jan 2012 12:55Jump!
Human Ranger, Cleric of Thoth
14by ConnorsConnors
05 Jun 2011 04:32Jump!
Human swordsman trained in elven techniques
14by ConnorsConnors
28 Apr 2011 11:43Jump!
16by ConnorsConnors
28 Apr 2011 11:47Jump!
Ibisil college trained wizard
18by ConnorsConnors
28 Apr 2011 11:51Jump!
Undead slayer
322by ConnorsConnors
04 Jun 2011 07:45Jump!
Human investigator
17by ConnorsConnors
28 Apr 2011 12:06Jump!
Wemic cleric of Osiris
320by ConnorsConnors
07 Jun 2011 10:59Jump!
Wemic ranger, cleric of Bast
220by ConnorsConnors
24 Jan 2012 12:28Jump!
18by ConnorsConnors
28 Apr 2011 12:16Jump!
15by ConnorsConnors
28 Apr 2011 12:19Jump!
14by ConnorsConnors
28 Apr 2011 12:27Jump!
15by ConnorsConnors
28 Apr 2011 12:30Jump!
16by ConnorsConnors
03 May 2011 04:10Jump!
16by ConnorsConnors
05 Jun 2011 04:32Jump!
15by ConnorsConnors
28 Apr 2011 12:40Jump!
Post questions or discuss the making of other PCs here.
219by ConnorsConnors
09 Jun 2011 10:43Jump!

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