Human Ascended Deities

After Saradanthule created the first beings in his image, his powers of Creation were almost exhausted. In time when these beings became the Eldar Deities, more help was needed to fight the deities of the Giants and their allies.

Saradanthule looked to his creations on Cellworld and struck upon an idea. With the help of the Eldar Deities he chose one significant mortal from each of the five subraces he fashioned from the five elements. These mortals were true paragons of their race and were still heavily infused with the element from which they were descended. On the last God’s Day in 2nd DC these five mortals were ascended to the realms of the gods and became the First Ascended. Soon they were to be known as the Lords and Ladies of the Elements and became recognised deities in their own right.

The Eldar Deities thought this a grand idea, but the effort was very taxing. It was decided that every 20th God’s Day (so every 400 years) that another mortal from each of the first human subraces would be ascended. The Eldar gods continue to gather on the 20th God’s Day and debate and decide upon which mortal of each subrace deserves to be risen as a divine representative of their people.

In the time since the rising of the Lords and Ladies of the Elements 14 other mortals from each of the five subraces have joined the deities in their celestial realms. Some of these still exist, others have disappeared or been eliminated by other deities.

Each of the deities below appear in the relevant 'Add-On Deity Lists'; they simply appear below to show who was ascended and when.


Other 'Add-On' Deities

Not all deities revered by the human subraces are Ascended mortals. Just as in the Core Pantheon there are offspring of the deities and strange interlopers whose origins may be unknown. As few evil entities are ever ascended many of these interlopers are actually evil fiends of the lower planes that strive to have cults formed in their name. Whilst the Demon Princes and Arch Devils may have small cults arise anywhere, they appear in a human add-on pantheon when they have as significant presence as a deity.

To form a full human pantheon for each of the main human subraces, you take the Core Pantheon and then combine with the relevant Add-On Pantheon. So the Core deities are revered by all humans in some form, but the Add-On lists are specific to the humans of that subrace.