Kazari Add On Deities

Most of these deities go unnoticed by most Kazari citizens. The Kazari long ago turned away from the deities of the core and began in the worship of Koras ‘The One True God’. Some prophesize this is The Overpower (Saradanthule) and the Kazari see him as the only true god much like the Djanans do. However most Kazari are unfamiliar with all other deities. Those deities below (and all deities of the Core Pantheon) are mostly forgotten, though secret cults may venerate them. The exception to this is the following of Rekhita and Setara. They are daughters of Koras and thier following is part of his church. In fact those that actively seek out non-believers and punish them hold Rekhita and Setara as their true patrons.

The Eldar Deities continue to raise one significant Kazari to immortality in the hope that one day the Kazari will return to the Core and Ascended faith. These gods were worshipped up until their worship was banned around 31DC when Koras was proclaimed the sole deity. Thus the Kazari knew the first few ascended. However later ascensions are less likely to gain followers.