Past Adventures

I have created this page simply so I have somewhere to attach previous adventure logs/journals.

I am hoping a player involved will provide a shortened version for all, but I guess I would appreciate all players reading all that went before too.

I am posting the Nyaatan Journals first. These include some Background material and a calendar detailing the game we played involving a group returning the wemics to life.

The next lot of collated journals are posts from our PBEM Game. These are large. It includes 9 Journals. They detail the start of the group's journey to deal with the ancient Rahotep…and is possibly where we will pick up their adventure - so please be familiar with why they are after Rahotep.

Nyaatan Group


Adventure Journal for ConnorsCon 2011

  • The party slew the last two of the defenders before gaining entry into the stone structure.
  • Inside was yet another evil statue that animated and appeared to possess the minds of the heroes. It was through one lucky strike from the side that the monster was slain.
  • Ihe room proved to be the key back to the original temple. The party suddenly found themselves in the temple again, with the worshippers of Set, including the priest that had led them into the trap-tunnel in the first place. The heroes leapt into combat yet again, sending this evil priest to meet his god, along with his soldiers and followers. Many others fled for safety.
  • After the fight, the heroes spoke with their leader, revealed that they had been forced to work at the temple by the evil Set cult. The heroes would have to continue on into the Gorge of Osiris though, as the tomb of Rahotep was not within the temple.
  • They continued on deeper into the Gorge, defeating other minons of Set, before finally locating a path that led up over a ridge and deeper into the wilderness. They finally came across a ledge, and after a lengthy search finally located the doorway.
  • They entered the tomb of Rahotep ready for battle.
  • … corridor ran left-right. Doorway (secret?) led into another room with … bad guys. undead?
  • Finally the heroes encountered a large evil being, that appeared to be something conjured from the deep bowels of hell. Using its evil power, it overwhelmed the mind of BushStalker to fight on its side, yet even with the help of the younger wemic, the demon still fell before the might of the Marked Ones.

(If someone else could help fill in the blanks here, or expand upon my fractured recollection of events, would be much appreciated. Thanks).

Lead-Up and Background Files

If you need to go back and explore the lead-up and history/reasons behind this adventure - Read the items below in the following order:

1. Nyaat Relived - the Story So Far. (An account of the trip to bring the wemics back to life and return journey to Ethop.

2. The Task Ahead (Mission statement)

3. History of Rahotep (History for the guy you are going after)

4. Blemmysh Nomad Acc (A scroll found that details the old tomb and possible resting place of Rahotep)…I think.

4a. Nomad's Map below:


5. Each of the 9 journals - in order. (These are the PBEM posts collated and posted wholesale…happy reading. For those in Wyche I do have printed versions of these if you wish to borrow them - I might then take to Ballarat on May 6th when I am down there).

5a. Khonsu's Map of Journey to the Gorge


5b. Map of Temple of Osiris (Only includes the parts seen by the PCs)


5c. Osirium map and final battle map - where we will be taking up the action.
Don't need to read this one, you can just look at it. This is the photo taken by Connors of the exact moment in the final fight where the campaign left off, and where we will be starting.


6. Nyaat Marked Ones - Campaign Calendar. - Recently added. My DM summary/calendar of events since WC + VS have returned to life.

Crescent Isles

The whole journey of this group is detailed on one (the DM's calendar). Ignore the DM Notes ;) (Aidan might like to post his 'letters from Aramil' to give other players a more personal account.
1. Crescent Isles Marked Ones - Campaign Calendar.