Water Realms

The Water Realms is a catch-all page for the different large bodies of water and islands between the continents of Kage.


This mountainous, island region lies off of the southern tip of the Landsend Peninsula in southwestern Cardan.
The akaori as they are known are humans of massive stature who are steeped heavily in warrior culture and tattoo their faces to display the importance of their conquests. They would be a very intimidating force if they weren’t too busy fighting amongst themselves. Each tribe must battle the others in a mythic conquest to be the ruling tribe. Oddly, the akaori are very welcoming to foreigners, especially those that help them battle the enemy tribes. In fact a favourite game among the Akaori tribes is Waepoi. where two tribes gather together using a severed human head for a ball and over a large field, with very few rules, the tribe to kick the ball through the opponents “gate” wins the game and then selects an unfortunate from the losing tribe who’s head is then severed and becomes the “ball” for the winning tribes new game.
Akaori also travel abroad in order to learn new ways to beat their enemy brethren. So, whilst a vast majority are gamba fighters and rangers, they are very accepting of all other classes and welcome the tricks that they may bring to the tribal battles.
Population: Human 98%


This large bay lies between Danatha and Djana. The northern shore is the vivid green of the jungles of Zamoa above which rise the peaks of Surtr’s Furnaces and the southern coast is a stark dusty yellow where the Zambir Desert meets the water.
Little is known of this bay for few have explored it. Recent Relvoor explorers claim to have been there and reportedly there is a race of humans that live upon the surface of the bay in vast floating towns. Agean legends speak of such a Water People who wandered the seas for a safe home and possibly they have found it here. It is further rumoured that a race of giants adapted to life beneath the waves live in great coral caverns beneath the surface of this bay.


This bay is like a bite out of the western side of the continent of Djana. This azure bay surrounded by teaming jungle is a paradise. The waters are calm and sky blue in colour such that passage anywhere on the bay is safe even for small craft such as canoes and catamarans. At the mouth of the bay is the island of Sahu that the Djanans avoid, believing it to be haunted by its former necromancer inhabitants. Djanans also believe the waters of the bay are blessed, hence their peaceful nature and lack of nasty sea monsters.


As its name suggest this bay has it all; copious fish, amazing scenery, tropical islands, rock formations and many pearls. The people of the Island Provinces ply these turquoise waters year round. They feed on oysters, fish and are especially keen on turtles, though their guardians the torcri are also in large numbers here. Keeping with the turtle theme there are also several turtle dragons in these waters.


This large chain of isles and islands link the continents of Cardan and Djana. They encompass various terrain types (although mountains and tropical forests are common) and many cultures, as they have long been the locale of discovery (and thus conflict). All sea-faring nations of southern and eastern Cardan have colonies or interests in this area. Cities, states and colonies rise and fall rapidly, as do trade routes, agreements and resources. The Cresent Isles have seen more than their fair share of decisive battles both in many naval conflicts and Island hopping campaigns.
Characters belonging to a particular colony may select that colony’s motherland as their homeland for character creation or they may choose this region. Unfettered fighters and rogues are common here. Wizards with air and water spells gain ready employment on board ships. Of the arcane casters there is a larger number of sorcerers here (possibly having fled Djana) and many wizards are specialist necromancers.
Population: Varies from island to island, but Humans make up the majority of ‘settled’ areas. As the islands are home to voyagers and settlers, members of many races can appear here. Settled areas: Human 85%, helflings 10%. In the non-settled regions, many non-human races may be found, including: lacertilians, orcs, therans, aaracokra, gnolls.


Lying in the middle of Dragon Straight, this long chain of islands is home to the bulk of the dragon population still living on Cellworld. While many of the islands are inhabitable, some with idyllic terrain, the dragons make a point of driving away any intelligent races that look to settle in this region, knowing of the danger that they would ultimately pose.


The waters separating the continents of Gar-Sanya and Cardan are rarely sailed and very few have crossed the strait. The islands in the strait are home to many dragons (see Dragon Isles above) and south of the islands is the great Maelstrom, a massive swirl of waves and wind the wrecks all ships that venture there.


The Islands Kingdoms are located off of the south coast of Gar-Sanya. Steaming jungles cover much of the landscape.
Two sorts of people inhabit the islands. Those known as the Danao are the island’s indigenous population. They are small, dark-skinned and prefer to wear no more than loincloths and jewelry. The newer people, the Pandakan are very similar to the inhabitants of main land Shavantri. Island life involves a lot of time spent on or in the water.
Classes that offer a variety of skills and/or a means to support you on the islands can all be found here. On the average there are very few adventurers here compared to other lands.
Population: Human 90%, dwarf 5%


Also known as the Isle of the Minotaurs, this cold land is to the north-east of Gar-Sanya. Whilst covered in snow and ice, the islands are of volcanic origin. Steaming geysers cover much of the landscape.
The dominant inhabitants are the war-like and barbaric minotaurs. To the Gar-Sanyans they are not as cultured as the minotaurs that live amongst the Tarraka.
The minotaurs from the Land of Fire and Ice raid coastal areas of Gar-Sanya in their square-sailed longships and were said to be the main influence on the Danir when they sailed to Cardan ages ago.
Population: Minotaur 85%, human slaves 10%, tuskan 5%


Also known as the Trackless Sea this area has been covered in mist for much of its history. It is the sheltered sea bordered by Cardan, the Devil’s Arm, Danantha and the Crescent Isles. The light elves’ Hidden Isle lies in its northeastern waters and some suggest the magical mist spread from that surrounding their isle. Whatever the cause of the mists they have covered this sea for thousands of years, until over two hundred years ago, when the just suddenly disappeared.
Once the mists cleared it did not take long for the humans of the Heartlands to sail the sea that enabled them to settle Danatha. Generally the waters of the Sea of Mists are quite calm and relatively safe, though sahuagin attacks are not unheard of in its southern waters.


The sea between Djana and the Plains of Sharek is notorious for the large sea serpents that swim its waters. Nonetheless the sheltered bays and Djanan coast are relatively safe and merchants ply their trade here. Further north are the outlawed corsairs that fight running battles with the Brayhan of Dren in the Gulf of Kodar. The coasts of Sharek are shallow and reef ridden, so few ships anchor near this land.


This sea across the north of Cellworld is also called the Sea of Glass for it resembles an extensive sheet of broken glass. Most of the sea remains completely frozen for most of the year, except in the summer when the ice breaks up and islands butt up against each other. There are no known habitants this far north other than the otters, seals and whales that feed here.


This vast ocean is the southern limits of the known world. Akaori legends, reportedly supported by elven myths, speak of a large landmass across the ocean where large herds of primitive animals graze. No signs of intelligent life feature in these stories.
Few sail out of sight of land in the southern waters for the waves of this ocean often swell higher than a ship’s mast. Savage storms lash the coasts bordering this ocean, hence the name of the southern coast of Cardan. On top of that, large sea monsters are often reported by anyone who returns from these waters, especially near the Djanan coasts.


This sea west of Gar-Sanya obviously gets its names for it is where the sun sets. Its golden waters are home to many intelligent races including tako, sahuagin, locathah (called hai nu by the locals) and samebito. Few ships have sailed past the undersea realms of these races, but none have returned with any reports of what lies beyond.